Al-Shabaab raids a water well, kills its owner in cold blood

Members of the blood-lust group al-Shabaab has attacked a water well used by civilians in Mukay Dere town in Middle Shabelle. They killed the owner of the well who was very old, abducted his son and burnt down their water pump motor.

Al-Shabaab is well known for disturbing acts of violence against unarmed civilians specifically designed to instill fear in their hearts.Mukay Dere town in Middle Shabelle is 12 KMs north of Balad town and 40 KMs north of the capital Mogadishu.

The murderous group al-Shabaab is committing heinous crimes against civilians and has overtaken most international terror organizations. It has single handedly killed over 800 civilians in a single attack in October 2017.Residents who still live under the shackles of al-Shabaab are required to resist their rule and make it their duty to kick them out of Somalia. 


How women abducted by al-Shabaab end up dying

Civilians who live in villages and towns still under the shackles of al-Shabaab are living in constant fear with the group’s unpredictable nature. Women in particular are vulnerable because of the group’s stringent ideology on them.

Women under al-Shabaab are generally subjected to rape, murder, forced marriage and even forced recruitment as militia members. While some women form an important social base for the murderous group, some have adverse opinion against the group and have paid a heavy price.

Ayan Mohamed Aser, a widow who was previously married to an al-Shabaab suicide bomber, vowed never to get married again to an al-Shabaab member and she paid the ultimate price of death. Soon after she refused to be married to an al-Shabaab member, she became a target of Amniyaat (al-Shabaab’s intelligence wing).

She was kidnapped as she was travelling to Beldweyn town, never to be seen for a while. In April 2013, two years after the kidnapping, her body was dumped in the outskirts of Bula Burde. Defectors from al-Shabaab later said that Ayan was accused of being a spy. It is the group’s only excuse when they eliminate any dissent voice.

Sadiyo was a prominent Somali businesswoman in Jilib town. According to former Al-Shabaab members who have since defected, Sadiyo caught the attention of several members of al-Shabaab who wanted a relationship with her. After she refused to have a relationship with any of them, they started accusing her of being a spy and detained her in a secret prison.

Two years after she disappeared from the public eye, her corpse was found at a dumping site in Jilib town. Just imagine how painful it must have been for her immediate family members. The murderous group al-Shabaab wants to impose its stringent ideology and anyone who opposes their rule faces death but the end of times for the terror group is nigh as they continue to lose territories day by day. 


Al-Shabaab changes tactic in the collection of extortion money

Al-Shabaab’s top leader is being reported to have ordered members of the murderous group to double their efforts of collecting illegal taxes from civilians, according to a new report.

 A recent infighting among the top leadership is threatening the group’s finances after the group’s leader Ahmed Diriye, attempted to expel head of finance Mahad Karate and head of external operations Bashir Qorgab as the three fight over control of resources.

Al-Shabaab members were ordered by Ahmed Diriye to lead in the extortion of locals through which they fund al-Shabaab activities across Somalia.
The murderous group is in financial mess and the changing of tactic and intensifying the collection of illegal tax is caused by the widening gap between al-Shabaab’s de facto leader Ahmed Diriye and head of finance Mahad Karate.



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