Al-Shabaab changes tactic in the collection of extortion money

Al-Shabaab’s top leader is being reported to have ordered members of the murderous group to double their efforts of collecting illegal taxes from civilians, according to a new report.

 A recent infighting among the top leadership is threatening the group’s finances after the group’s leader Ahmed Diriye, attempted to expel head of finance Mahad Karate and head of external operations Bashir Qorgab as the three fight over control of resources.

Al-Shabaab members were ordered by Ahmed Diriye to lead in the extortion of locals through which they fund al-Shabaab activities across Somalia.
The murderous group is in financial mess and the changing of tactic and intensifying the collection of illegal tax is caused by the widening gap between al-Shabaab’s de facto leader Ahmed Diriye and head of finance Mahad Karate.



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