Key villages liberated from al-Shabaab’s shackles

Counterterrorism assets continue to mount pressure on al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabaab in southern Somalia. In the past few days, the Danab forces have conducted intensive campaigns especially in Lower Juba in an effort to dislodge al-Shabaab militants group, which has also increased activities in this region of Somalia.

According to military sources, Danab forces launched a massive military operation against al-Shabaab positions, capturing at least four villages near the port city of Kismayo in Lower Juba, southern Somalia.

The special forces unit seized Janaa-Abdale, Helishid, Mayonde, and Garascebe. The liberation of villages comes less than a week after the forces liberated other villages including Hawaljiri, Bernasey, Yaq-Bishaar and Osbo.

The Somali forces backed by allied forces, are conducting operations against al-Shabaab in Somalia to degrade the group’s ability to recruit, train and plot internal and external attacks.


Al-Shabaab kills a disabled man in Baidoa

The deceased, known as Sharif Mukhtar, was shot dead in his home, located in the al-Barakat IDP camp, which is located Shaati Gaduud near the airport in Baidoa.

Adan Aliow, a local resident, said Sharif Mukhtar, a handicapped person, was brutally murdered by al-Shabaab members. “It was a really painful event. A poor lame man was killed. I mean he had no legs. Men with guns went into his house and killed him. "They brutally killed him and they escaped from the scene," Adan Aliyow said.

He also said that they did not know the motives for the killing, although he was a leader at an internally displaced camp. "He was the chairman of al-Barakat camp, which is located near the Baidoa airport," Aden Aliyow said.

The murderous terror group is known to target innocent people and their main intention is to decimate the local population especially those in leadership positions. 





Senior al-Shabaab trainer killed in a military operation

The Somali National Army (SNA) has killed a senior al-Shabaab leader in a recently launched military operation that liberated several towns from the shackles of the blood-lust group.

An SNA official who spoke to the Somali Armed Forces Radio said the operation was aimed at decimating al-Shabaab and has liberated several towns in Lower Juba region.

The deceased terrorist was identified as Ashraf Azmi Abu Hamdan, and was killed with three of his bodyguards, according to Danab, Somali Army’s special forces.

The SNA official said that the operations were carried out in Buurduud, Waabo, Salagle and Duqay, all under Sakow district in Middle Juba region. He also said their mission was to target senior al-Shabaab officials and that they will continue with such operations.

Just recently, Danab forces in the Lower Juba region liberated Hawaaljiri, Bernasey, Yaaqbishaar and Usbo villages, all under Kismayo and Jamaame districts, all of which were previously controlled by al-Shabaab.


Man, wrongfully accused, executed by Shabaab

The religious mafia group al-Shabab has recently executed a man it accused of murdering another by firing squad. In attendance were al-Shabaab members and locals who were forced to witness the incident. Hundreds of residents watched as he took his last breath.

The murderous group randomly accuses locals of different crimes that are often far-fetched and uncommon among Somalis. Crimes like sodomy, sorcery and being a spy for foreign powers are the most common. An al-Shabaab “judge” read how the accused pled guilty to his crimes, a plea that is hardly believable knowing the consequences of admitting such a crime in an al-Shabaab court.

Most of the people it accuses are dissidents who are brave enough to vocalize their concerns and refusing to adhere by the group’s stringent rules. Most of them are herders and farmers who refuse to give up their livestock and harvests to al-Shabaab in form of Zakah.


Al-Shabaab, in a hypocritical move, opens a COVID-19 centre

In a hypocritical move, al-Shabaab has set up a COVID-19 centre in Jilib town, 112 KMs south of Kismayo. Details on the militant’s treatment centre remains scanty. Al-Shabab noting of great threat posed by the Coronavirus wishes to exploit this current pandemic to establish itself as a caring alternative to the Somali people.

Through its pro-media, the group announced that its treatment committee has opened a COVID-19 centre calling on Somali citizens exhibiting symptoms to seek medical help from their centre. Its ironical the same militant group that frequently carries out bombings and gun attacks in Somalia on civilian targets, including at hotels, intersections and checkpoints, now seeks to help the same populous it has greatly hurt.

Most analysts believe the move to be motivated by the lack of political support the group is facing. More than 14 years of al-Shabaab violence has destroyed the country’s health system, including hospitals, health centers, and dispensaries. The few remaining health institutions are running with support from humanitarian agencies, but they have to constantly withstand threats by the militant group.

Al-Shabaab has previously intentionally disrupted COVID-19 medical interventions killing medical workers in the process. In 2011 and 2012, al-Shabaab resisted the delivery of relief aid during a famine that left at least 250,000 people dead. The terror group has also killed hundreds of medical students graduating during the Hotel Shaamo attack 

For the same group to open up a centre to care for COVID-19 patients when there are no other dispensaries or health facilities in areas under its control is simply laughable and reeks of hypocrisy. 


Al-Shabaab’s hopes shattered as the group loses 40 fighters

Somali National Army (SNA) has recently killed 40 al-Shabaab extremists in a fierce fight in the outskirts of Hudur town in the southern region of Bakol, officials confirmed.

Odawa Yusuf Rage, commander of SNA told journalists that the clashes started after government forces got intelligence reports of the militants’ presence in the area and conducted operations.

“Our forces inflicted severe casualties on the militants, killing 40 of them, including the militants’ leader in Hudur area,” Rage said, adding that the army also recovered weapons from the militants.

Locals reported an intense fight in Abal village in the outskirts of Hudur town which caused massive casualties to the blood-suckers. On May 27, Somali forces backed by the Southwestern State army killed six al-Shabaab extremists in another operation in Dinsor town in the southern region of Bay.

Government forces have intensified operations against al-Shabaab extremists in the southern regions. Despite their continued aggression, the Al-Qaeda linked group has been substantially weakened due to ongoing operation by security forces, a move which has led to mass defections.

Several al-Shabaab operations have also been foiled especially in Jubaland. The Jubaland forces repulsed separate attacks in Bilis Qooqani and Dhobley early this month with the aid of the Kenya Defense Forces [KDF].


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