ISIS fighter surrender to Puntland authorities

Military officials of Somalia’s northeastern region of Puntland said that a militant linked to the Islamic State (ISIS) has surrendered to the government forces in Bari region, Puntland.

The ISIS suspect was identified as Abdulahi Mohamed Saed, and has surrendered to the military forces stationed in Ja’el area on last Sunday. 
A senior military officer, Ahmed Mahmoud Yusuf said that the military forces have on custody a defected ISIS member believed to hail from Bay region in southern Somalia. Yusuf indicated that the suspect will be handed over to the authorities who will conduct further investigation.

Asked about the number of the ISIS fighters in Bari region, Yusuf revealed that the group has 70 fighters and on multiple occasions stole food, livestock and threatened local communities. Last December, ISIS was driven out from port town Qandala by the Puntland joint security forces, and moved to nearby mountains. ISIS group claimed responsibility for the latest suicide bombing occurred in Bosaso town, which resulted in the death of 5 people and injuring of other civilians.

Half of Al-Shabaab Militia Group's force are kids

Children constitute a large part of the militia recruited and used by the Al-Shabaab terror group in Somalia. It is estimated over half of its force are children for example at least sixty (60) percent of Al-Shabaab militants captured in Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region in March, 2016 were youngsters. Some of those children said they were approached with the promise of education and jobs.  


Al-Shabaab uses the children in combat, with nine year olds taught to use weapons and sent to the frontlines. They are also used to transport explosives, carry out suicide attacks, carry ammunitions and perform domestic chores.

The terror group targets children in rural areas and forcefully recruits from schools and Madrassas where often teachers and parents are coerced into enlisting the children to the terror group.

Al-Shabaab recently paraded young children with guns in Jilib, Somalia during the Eid celebrations and has no future for the Somali society.


Al-Shabaab wrangles intensify as a splinter group pledges allegiance to ISIS

The leader of the al-Shabaab militia based in the Galgala Mountains in Puntland region has pledged his allegiance to ISIS, a move that is likely to further split the already fractious and weakened al-Shabaab terror group.
In a brief audio message, Sheikh Abdulqadir Mumin said that he and his militia have officially joined ISIS and would from now own take their orders from ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who is based in Raqqa, Syria.
The current emir of the al-Shabaab Ahmed Umar (aka Abu Ubaidah) who is still aligned with al-Qaeda has reacted angrily to Sh. Mumin’s daring move. He has long been trying to crush internal dissent, but there is little he can do since Sh. Mumin and his militias are in a geographically distant place.

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