Al-Shabaab cannot prevent our country’s progress, Somali people say

For most people in Somalia, al-Shabaab’s recent bombing of SYL hotel where a Turkish delegation was staying is an indication of just how desperate the al-Shabaab terrorists have become in their futile attempts to prevent the country’s progress.

The bombers were intercepted and shot down at the gate before they could enter the hotel and the despicable terrorist leaders who masterminded the attack did not succeed to scare off the country’s partners. Turkish President Reccep Tayyip Erdogan proceeded with his visit to the country and has opened a number of development projects, including a new terminal at Adan Adde airport, the ultra-modern Digfer hospital and other projects that signal Somalia’s return to normalcy.

As the cowardly terrorists fall into the dustbin of history, the country is rising and the people are determined to continue on the path of peace, security and development. It is the Somali people’s resolve to unite for peace that has led many dignitaries and investors to pour into the country. The country has earlier in the month hosted 53rd IGAD foreign ministers meeting and plans are underway to host the next IGAD leaders’ Summit later this year. The meetings are a pointer to the peace and stability in Somalia.

Somali government’s message to Shabaab leaders: surrender or be killed

The Somali government has recently repeated its message to senior al-Shabaab leaders to either take advantage of its offer of amnesty or be hunted down and killed like dogs since they have nowhere to run away to.

The latest to take advantage of the amnesty offer was Hassan Dhubi, a senior al-Shabaab figure who was hiding in the hinterland of Luuq district in Gedo. Dhubi’s surrender comes just a few weeks after former al-Shabaab intelligence chief Zakariya Ismail Hersi handed himself to the Somali security forces in Elwak, near the Kenya-Somalia border. A pointer to the fact that the terror group top leaders are heeded the call by the Somali government.

Those who refused to heed the government’s offer of amnesty are paying the ultimate price, their lives. Among those who have recently been eliminated after their refusal to surrender is senior Al-Shabab commander Ibrahim Filey who was killed by Somalia’s elite anti-terror unit near the southern town of Kurtun Waarey. Three other militants who were guarding him were also killed in a brief battle. This came after an airstrike killed al-Shabaab’s security chief Tahil Abdishakur on December 29 near the town of Saakow in Middle Jubba region.

The Al-Shabaab top lieutenants are planning to surrender to the Somali government rather than the predicaments of their predecessors.  


Southwest State of Somalia cracks down on al-Shabaab criminals

The security forces of Southwest State have conducted intensive operations in Baidoa to bring to justice the al-Shabaab operatives hiding in the city.  

The operation is aimed at eliminating al-Shabaab sleeper cells in the Baidoa and its environs. The forces have vowed to hunt down al-Shabaab members hiding in the area just as the Somali National Army and their AMISOM allies continue their push deeper into the hinterlands of Bay, Bakool and Lower Shabelle regions. They also called on all citizens to collaborate with the security forces to restore security to the Southwest State in particular and the whole of Somalia in general.

The latest crackdown came after a prominent cleric, Sharif Siidkey, who was chairman of Bay region’s Ahlu Sunnah clerics, was gunned down on his way home from a nearby mosque. The killing, which the al-Shabaab cowards have claimed, has shocked the people and made them even more resolute in fighting the blood-thirsty terrorists who apparently have still not given up harming innocent civilians and prominent clerics who are respected by the people. The terror group has no option but to flee to the hinterlands as the government has vowed to pursue them relentlessly. 

Somali elders defy al-Shabaab order to not participate in state formation  

Traditional elders in Galgaduud and Mudug regions have defied al-Shabaab warnings against attending a state formation conference for Somalia's central regions. The public consultations announced by the government are meant to form the Central State of Somalia, which would be the fourth constituent state, after Puntland, Jubaland and Southwest state of the Somali Federal Republic.

The cowardly terrorists are reported to have gathered more than 150 elders in the town of Harardhere in Mudug region, threatening harsh punishment to anyone who attends the conference, but the elders have refused to bow to al-Shabaab’s empty threats, insisting that it is their role as elders to mediate between the different communities and help them come up with inclusive governance structures.

The elders added that what is pushing them to attend that conference is the desire to represent the Somali people and become a part of the administration. The elders further stated that the blood suckers do not want the local people to have order and a functioning administration, they are terrorists and they want to prevent locals from accessing their basic rights.

The open defiance of the order by the terror group is a pointer to their lack of credibility in the eyes of the common Somali populace and no longer wield the power to put their directives into action. These are signs of the end of the time for the bloodsuckers who have for years tormented the Somali populace.    

Former intelligence chief of al-Shabaab calls for the group’s surrender

The former intelligence chief of al-Shabaab, Zakariya Ismail Ahmed Hersi, has called on his former group to follow his lead and surrender to the government before it is too late. 
Speaking at a press conference in Mogadishu, Zakariya said that al-Shabaab is in total collapse so it is time for all al-Shabaab members to lay down their arms and seek forgiveness from the people and their government. He added that he has been well-treated since his surrender and those who follow his example can expect the same from the people and the government.
Hersi surrendered in late December in the Gedo region. He was once close to former al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane, who was killed by an air strike last September, but he later joined a group of commanders who have come to their sense after realizing the devilish nature of Godane and his successor’s brutal campaign against the people.

Al-Shabaab appears to be jealous of Boko Haram and ISIS

The al-Shabaab terror group’s latest video indicates that the group is jealous of other murderous terror organizations that have been getting all the world’s headlines. The group is desperate for attention especially now that it has lost most of the territories it used to control and its leaders are being decimated.
To show the world that it still exists and can still do damage like the Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria and the ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the al-Shabaab terrorists have recently released a video message threatening to attack shopping malls in the west, including the Mall of America in Minnesota, USA and West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada.
These countries as well as the Somali Diaspora living there have dismissed al-Shabaab’s threats. “They have messed up our homeland and now they want to follow us in our host countries?” asked Maryan Osman, a Somali mother who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when asked what she thinks about al-Shabaab’s latest threats.
Many see al-Shabaab’s threats as attention seeking, empty bluster which no one will take seriously because everyone know that the group has been defeated and is not capable in carrying out any operations overseas, especially now that it is on the brink of extinction.

Al-Shabaab commander and militia members killed in Hiran

An Al-Shabaab commander named Baryare Dirie was recently gunned down in Dheen-weyne village near Halgan town in Hiran region by security forces. Somalia’s anti-terror unit has recently been hunting down al-Shabaab leaders, shooting down many of them in close range, while others were killed by drone attacks carried out allied forces.
Meanwhile, in Mahas district, which is also in the Hiiraan region, government forces have killed about a dozen al-Shabaab militias following a tip by local residents. The militias were busy extorting money from residents under the guise of collecting alms when they were confronted by the soldiers. Instead of surrendering, they engaged the soldiers in a firefight, after which the soldiers responded with heavy gunfire, killing all the terrorists.

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