Al-Shabaab leader admits to using children as shield and suicide bombers

Yusuf Kabo ku tukade, a high ranking al-Shabaab leader, has recently boasted how the group uses children in its operations and suicide bombing missions describing them as shields.

He revealed and admitted how children as young as 8 are part of the murderous group’s infantry and how one of his children are among them. Many dismissed the latter for its uncommon for leaders to have their own children as fighters for obvious reasons.

“My own son, whom I had while being a member of al-Shabaab, is currently at the forefront of the fight. Our own children are enough for us to win. All of us have four wives,” he told a group of al-Shabaab members.

Yusuf compared Somali women to chicken saying they give birth to children the way chicken lay eggs. “Each one of us has four wives and they are giving birth night and day the way chicken are laying eggs night and day,” he partly said disrespecting the Somali women.

Most of the women Yusuf Kabo Ku Tukade is talking about are young girls forced to marry al-Shabaab members while underage often without the approval of their parents; a clear manifestation of the group's hypocrisy. 

There are thousands of Somali boys and girls who have been imprisoned in unknown locations later to be used as suicide bombers for boys and forceful marriages to Al-Shabaab members for girls.

Al-Shabaab base in Lower Shabelle destroyed by SNA


Military operations conducted by 14th October battalion of the Somali National Army in Jilib Marka town in Lower Shabelle region saw the destruction an al-Shabaab base and taxation centre in the town.

Six al-Shabaab members including high ranking ones were also killed in the operation and weapons intended to harm innocent civilians were also seized from the blood-suckers.

According to military officials familiar with the operations, similar operations are continuing in the town’s outskirts and the military is hunting down those members who fled, shaved their beards and rejoined civilians.

The murderous group al-Shabaab has been weakened both financially and militarily the last few months. Key towns were liberated from the shackles of the group among them Awdegle town where bodies of those al-Shabaab members killed in its liberation could not be counted.

The blood-lust murderous group al-Shabaab is opposed to any peace and development enjoyed by the Somali people and should be fought by hook or by crook.

Al-Shabaab severely weakened financially and militarily

Efforts by security agencies to decimate and flash out al-Shabaab members and their sympathisers have been continuing and the group’s destruction has forced several high ranking members and leaders to surrender to the government.

Security agencies have thwarted several attacks by the blood-suckers mainly because of information provided by civilians. Several high ranking Shabaab were captured in the operations that followed. In addition, several other members and leaders of the blood-lust group also surrendered.

The number of Shabaab’s leaders and high ranking members defecting and surrendering to the government have exponentially increased the last few months with Bay and Gedo regions having the most defectors.

Military operations throughout the country saw the destruction of Shabaab bases and taxation centres and without any help from the government, armed groups comprised of livestock herders are decimating al-Shabaab throughout Lower Shabelle and Hiiran regions.

In the latest decimation, the Somali National Army (SNA) has killed 10 members of the blood-lust group in Qoryoley town after the group attacked SNA’s military base.
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