Six Alshabaab Fighters Surrender to Somali Government


Six Al-Shabab fighters surrendered to Somali government forces in Dinsor town on Thursday along with their weapons. The militants came along with the improvised “technical” vehicle South West State officials stated.

The surrender followed days of negotiations through elders. The militants handed over a heavy machine gun (DSHK) mounted on top of their improvised technical vehicle, small arms weapons and pistols.

Analysts believe this may be linked to the recent surrender of former Alshabaab deputy leader Mukhtar Robow who hails from the region.


After three days of mourning, thousands of men and women marched through the streets of Somalia's capital Wednesday, answering the Mogadishu mayor's call for unity in the wake of the country's deadliest terrorist attack, which occurred over the weekend.

Wearing red headbands, the crowd of mostly young men and women marched through Mogadishu amid tight security. The attack in the heart of Mogadishu on Saturday has been blamed on al-Shabaab terror group.

“We are demonstrating against the terrorists that massacred our people. We entered the road by force,” said Halima Abdullahi, who lost six of her relatives in the attacks. Mohamed Salad, a university student, called on God to punish those responsible for the bombing.

Locals in other towns in Somalia including Dusamareb, Baidoa and Garowe among others also marched for several hours and clerics called for the war against the Al-Shabaab militants to be stepped up.

Al-Shabaab terror group which is known for conducting wanton massacre of innocent Somalis has now resorted to conducting large scale massacre of the innocent civilians and residents are now up in arms against the terror group.

Somali army raid Gof Gadud, kill senior al-Shabaab commander

Somali troops killed senior al-Shabaab leader Sheikh Abdi Yusuf and five other mid-level commanders during raids on al-Shabaab bases on the outskirts of Gof Gadud. 
The Somali troops also killed ten al-Shabaab militants during the raid and were able to net caches of arms used by the bloodsuckers. The terror group members are now besieged with nowhere to run away to, which is forcing many of them to surrender en-masse to take advantage of the extension of amnesty offered by the Somali government.
The killing of top Al-Shabaab leaders, including Ahmed Godane who was killed earlier in the year, together with a host of other middle level commanders has demoralized the blood suckers. The group is also fraught with financial constraints following the loss of key strongholds that are now under the control of the Somali government and the global ban on charcoal exports and other illegal activities like drug-smuggling from which they used to obtain finances.

Fifty al-Shabaab terrorists killed in Kudhaa, Lower Jubba region

Fifty al-Shabaab members have been killed in Kudhaa area of Lower Jubba region by the Somali National Army and allied African forces. 
The bloodsuckers killed during the fight for the control of Kudhaa included both local and foreign fighters who were mainly from Yemen, Nigeria and other countries. The terrorists retreated for their dear lives after suffering huge losses and the Somali forces arrested many of the injured.
The injured al-Shabaab militia members who were offered medical attention have divulged vital information on the plans by the group to continue creating conflict within the local Somali populace and have vowed to assist the Somali government in decimating the terrorists. 
Several caches of arms and ammunitions the militia intended to use to terrorize the local Somali populace has also been seized from the fleeing terrorists.

Local herdsmen confront al-Shabab terrorists in Hiiraan region

At least one herdsman was killed and two others were wounded after the al-Shabaab blood suckers clashed with local herdsmen in Yasooman village near Bulo burte town of Somalia’s central region of Hiiraan. 
According to eye-witnesses, the fighting between the local herdsmen and the al-Shabaab militants begun after the militants ordered the local herdsmen to pay livestock as forced Zakah usually taken by the terror militias. The local herdsmen rejected the demand and started gathering light weapons to resist the terrorists who returned the next day to collect the livestock from the locals, but the fighting started. 
Locals are up in arms against the blood sucking al-Shabaab terrorists in different parts of Somalia since they are tired of their intimidation, extortion and other atrocities committed against innocent civilians. 
The Somali government forces sent reinforcement to the area in order to assist the local herdsmen in their fight against the terrorists.

Al-Shabaab torture three herdsmen in May-karebay in Gedo

Three innocent herdsmen were tortured by the sadistic al-Shabaab criminals in May-karebay village near Garbaharey, the capital of the Gedo region.
Elders in the area have confirmed the torture of the herdsmen and added that two of the victims are in critical condition and may not survive.
Al-Shabaab’s inhumane torture of the innocent herdsmen came after the herdsmen told the group that they were too poor to pay the extortions that were being demanded by the terror group. Al-Shabaab has recently accelerated their extortion racket in remote areas. 
The only source of income for the terrorists is robbing the poor livestock herders in the villages since they have been routed out of their strongholds. However, soon the Somali army and allied forces intend to liberate the poor locals in the villages and the time is nigh for the terror group who can run but cannot hide.


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