Al-Shabaab secret sites destroyed in an operation

The Somali National Army (SNA) has conducted intensive operations in Lower Jubba Somalia and destroyed several Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab sites and defused improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

SNA forces conducted a well-coordinated operation targeting al-Shabaab bases used to organize attacks against the government and the African Union forces.

The army was able to eliminate secret sites which al-Shabaab carried out its subversive operations against unarmed civilians.

During the operation, the troops successfully defused a roadside bomb plant on a major military supply route in Jamaame district of Lower Jubba. The troops also recovered several other items nearby, including IED detonating remotes, cell phones, vehicle batteries, IED making powders among others.

The troops also carried out operations in some areas in Jamaame district and the people of Araare, Kobon and Muse Haji greatly welcomed them. The military provided the residents with food and medicine.

Somali elite forces and US forces have in the recent past conducted covert operations in Middle Jubba and Lower Shabelle, some of the two regions which al-Shabaab still controls.

Daesh and al-Shabaab fight over loot continues

The murderous group al-Shabaab has killed a man it accused of belonging to terrorist group Daesh in the latest war between two of the most ruthless terrorist groups in the world.

Yahye Haji Fiile, who was killed in Bu’ale town in Middle Juba, had previously defected from al-Shabaab and joined Daesh and then rejoined al-Shabaab. He is also reported to have killed one of the high-ranking members of Daesh in Somalia.

The blood-sucking group al-Shabaab and Daesh, both ruthless terrorist groups, are fighting over resources specifically over looted wealth from the Somali public across Somalia.

Just two weeks ago, the hostility among the terrorist groups has escalated after members of al-Shabaab have reportedly ambushed Islamic State militants in El Adde town, Gedo region near the Kenya Somalia border.

ISIS subsequently launched a revenge attack and claimed to have killed 14 al-Shabaab fighters and lost 3. Both groups are going for each other’s throat over the lucrative loot in the name of taxation both collect from poor and needy civilians.

Al-Shabaab kidnaps 60 children from El-Garas village

Terror group al-Shabaab has, in a desperate move, kidnapped 60 children from a makeshift school in El-garas, Bakool region. This is the latest of the group’s attempts to forcibly recruit children to replenish the diminishing number of soldiers in its loosing battle against the Federal Government of Somalia.

The group has been decimated and is losing territory and political support among the Somali population leading to the desperate measures of kidnapping innocent school-going children.

It has escalated its campaign of forcibly recruiting child soldiers in mid-2017 ostensibly after losing much of its members to the relentless bombardment by the Somali National Army and its allies.

It is the aim of the group to enroll the kidnapped children in its schools, feed them extreme violent ideas and in the end radicalize them in order to use them as suicide bombers and fight for an illegitimate cause.

In January last year, Somali soldiers, with support from US forces, conducted a raid on an al-Shabaab camp in the Middle Shabelle region in southern Somalia and freed at least 32 child soldiers stopping from being turned into suicide bombers.
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