Somali security forces foil major attack, arrests several Shabaab members

Somali security forces have foiled a major attack that members of terror group al-Shabaab were readying themselves to carry out and kill innocent civilians in Mogadishu. Security officers have detained several suspected al-Shabaab members whose car was laden with explosives.

An official told reporters that the forces apprehended the men on their way to carry out an attack on a military base in Alamada district. “After receiving reports that the men were planning to conduct an attack on the base, we successfully foiled the attacks and captured the men after brief gunfire exchange,” said the official.

He pointed out that one of the attackers was injured during the brief gunfire. The blood-sucking group al-Shabaab continues to indiscriminately attacks innocent civilians in their quest to “topple” the internationally recognized Somali government. In October last year, members of the group took more than 500 innocent lives when a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle full of explosives.

Al-Shabaab intensifies its atrocities against locals

The Murderous group al-Shabaab is committing a lot of atrocities across Somalia in the name of religion. It has recently arrested five women for refusing to surrender their children in the latest attempt by the terminable group to recruit children as soldiers. The group is running an aggressive campaign of forcibly recruiting children as soldiers to replenish the diminishing numbers of its soldiers.

It previously ordered elders, teachers of religious schools in communities in rural areas of Galgaduud and Mudug region, to provide hundreds of children or face retaliatory attacks. The blood-sucking group has also recently attacked a mosque in Mogadishu’s Hamar Jajab District in which it killed one person proving how desperate the group is and how despicable its acts are becoming.
The group also kidnapped five aid workers in the outskirts of Baidoa and security forces are searching for them. They were on a humanitarian mission in the remote village of Busley, where they were distributing nutritional supplements to displaced persons at a local camp. A clear pointer to the group's destructive activities. 

Al-Shabaab leaders killed in a new offensive

Somali National Army (SNA) forces and African Union troops have launched a joint military operation, against targets held by the terminable al-Shabaab. The coalition forces captured Gaywarow, a key area for Al-Shabaab, where it is believed that the group’s fighters launch attacks against military bases in south of Somalia, according to a military official.

Somali Special Forces were also reported to have successfully captured strategically important bases from Al-Shabaab militants in the south.  Somalia’s Special Forces – Danab unit launched a surprise dawn attack in the towns controlled by al-Shabaab, setting off a heavy gunfight with the extremist group.This led to the Special Forces retaking bases in Bula-konto, Dangiga Bolow, Basro and Garasweyne villages in Middle Shabelle region and subsequently the liberation of those villages from the shackles and the atrocities of the blood-suckers.

Another joint operation also led to the killing of several al-Shabaab leaders in Lower Shabelle region. Maalim Hussein, who was a local amniyaat leader and responsible for the execution of targeted killings, and Farhan Daahir Hirane were killed in Qoryoley. Elsewhere, the Somali National Army has killed 7 Al-Shabaab fighters including a commander in an operation at Bula-Haji neighborhood near Kismayo town in lower Jubba region.

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