Al-Shabaab arrests, kills high ranking members

Reports that are coming out of Jilib town in Middle Jubba indicate that al-Shabaab has killed some of its own members and arrested several others.

The arrests and killings among al-Shabaab were prompted by suspicion among the group’s ranks that some of the members have denounced the atrocities the group is committing against innocent civilians.

Al-Shabaab sees such members as “traitors” and will deal with them accordingly. This shows how split opinion is among highest ranking members of the group and is escalating the torrents of difficulties the group has been facing.

Some of the reports indicate that some high-ranking members are suspected to have links with ISIS. Members of the blood-sucking group were ordered by their leadership to attack a mosque in Jilib town and kill Abu Anas al-Misri, a foreigner who refused to surrender subsequently killing him on the spot.

According to locals in Jilib town, at least 100 people were arrested including al-Shabaab members, business owners and foreign terrorists suspected of opposing al-Shabaab. Among those arrested is a former preacher for Al-Shabaab responsible for Shabaab’s propaganda in Gedo region.Other Shabaab members were arrested in Saakow, Buula Fuulay and Kunya Barrow villages.

Al-Shabaab attacks will only increase our resilience

The recent attacks that were planned and carried out by the murderous group al-Shabaab on a Mogadishu hotel prove how the group gets a thrill from spilling innocent people’s blood.
In solidarity with the people and the Federal Government of Somalia, countries across the world have sent their condolences and support to the Somali people who lost loved ones in such an atrocious attack.
In its years-long fight against civilians, the extremist group has been targeting places where are busy running their everyday errands such as hotels and public open-air markets. So far, authorities have reported that at least 50 people have been killed, and 30 wounded.
Such a cowardly attack will only increase our resilience towards terror and al-Shabaab’s attacks only show how weakened they have been opting to hurt only the unarmed innocent.
The Somali people will definitely survive this, and any rational mind knows that al-Shabaab’s days of wreaking havoc among Somali communities are coming to an end and that these are just the last kicks of a dying horse.

Six (6) al-Shabaab members killed in Basra village

At least six members of the blood-sucking group al-Shabaab were killed, and several others injured after fierce fighting with Somali National Army (SNA) assisted by locals in Basra village, Middle Shabelle region.

Sources close to the operation have revealed how members of the terminable group al-Shabaab harassed locals who were running their daily errands in the outskirts of the village, prompting a fierce battle between the locals and al-Shabaab. Security officials confirmed six suspected Al-Shabaab fighters were killed in the battle.

The locals took arms against al-Shabaab after the terror group ordered them to bring their children to be trained as the group’s fighters. Somali forces backed by AMISOM troops have recently stepped up operations against Al-Shabaab in Southern Somalia.

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