Six (6) al-Shabaab members killed in Basra village

At least six members of the blood-sucking group al-Shabaab were killed, and several others injured after fierce fighting with Somali National Army (SNA) assisted by locals in Basra village, Middle Shabelle region.

Sources close to the operation have revealed how members of the terminable group al-Shabaab harassed locals who were running their daily errands in the outskirts of the village, prompting a fierce battle between the locals and al-Shabaab. Security officials confirmed six suspected Al-Shabaab fighters were killed in the battle.

The locals took arms against al-Shabaab after the terror group ordered them to bring their children to be trained as the group’s fighters. Somali forces backed by AMISOM troops have recently stepped up operations against Al-Shabaab in Southern Somalia.

Al-Shabaab executes 5 of its own members in public

The blood-sucking group al-Shabaab has recently executed five men in public in a square in Jilib town, in Middle Juba. The group has accused them of spying, but analysts believe they were targeted for expressing opinions that countered the group’s extremist beliefs and its common for the group to punish people who table their concerns on the group’s way of governing.

According to residents, the men were tied to poles and shot by a firing squad shortly after a self-proclaimed judge sentenced them to death. The group announced the execution prior and forced people including women and children to watch the executions to put fear in the people’s minds and terrorize them psychologically. An al-Shabaab “judge” said the men have been shot dead by a firing squad in front of a large crowd, including women and children at a square in the southern town of Jilib.

SNA liberates key villages from al-Shabaab

Somali forces backed by AMISOM have liberated several villages in southern Somalia from Al-Shabaab, an official said.  In a well-coordinated operation, the allied forces took control of Dibiley, Fahale and Burweyn villages in Hiiraan region and operations are still underway to liberate more areas from the shackles of the murderous group.

Locals who were tired of the blood suckers took part in the operation to liberate their villages. More and more ordinary people are up in arms against the murderous group’s legitimacy to govern especially after the group lost political support following the unnecessary attacks by the group on innocent civilians. Before the attack was launched, locals complained to Somali government officials about the group’s intensive threats and the general extremist way of ruling.

Several al-Shabaab militia members were killed in the joint operation and much more were injured. The blood-sucking group has no political credibility and religious legitimacy and its members are mainly youth who have been brainwashed into believing what the group stands for is religion but those who adhere to the principles of Islam know otherwise.

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