Al-Shabaab forces elders to register with the rag tag group


Terrorist group al-Shabaab is forcing elders who took part in parliamentary elections to register with the group’s offices in order to “repent” or face death.

The rag tag group have an ultimatum of 45 days was given to the elders to report to group’s regional offices in south and central Somalia within the given time.

To those who refuse to abide by this order, al-Shabaab said in the statement that they would be targeted and killed wherever they are.This statement comes from a group well known for targeting and killing innocent civilians en-masse.

It is the members of murderous, blood-lust group who need to repent and not elders who participated in a democratic selection of representatives. Elders have vowed not to heed the call by the rag tag group.




It is death to those who oppose Al-Shabaab


The terrorist blood-lust group al-Shabaab has recently executed a man it accused of sodomy in Buq Goosaar, 50 KMs west of Beledweyne town. The murderous group announced in loudspeakers a day before the execution and forced the -public to watch the execution to instill fear in their hearts.

The group accuses anyone who opposes and criticises the genocide it is committing against the Somali people of heinous crimes to justify their punishment. The group uses far-fetched accusations to punish its dissidents. The cases are in most instances hearsays and the words of the al-Shabaab prosecutor against the words of the accused. The victims are often elders who took part in parliamentary elections in their respective regions.

In an instance that occurred in the year 2008, a 13 year old girl who accused three al-Shabaab members of rape was executed by stoning in public by the group in the port city of Kismayo. Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was stoned to death on October 27 2008 in a public stadium attended by about 1,000 people forced to watch the execution, several of whom attempted to intervene but were shot by the militants.

All Aisha did was report to the group how three of its members raped her and left her for dead but because the accused were its own, Aisha had to be executed and silenced her forever. The murderous group also recently executed an elderly man it accused of practicing witchcraft in Sakow town, Middle Jubba.

Al-Shabaab targets transit goods trucks

Al-Shabaab has in the last one week burnt down a total of 12 trucks that were carrying goods destined for Afgoye town, Lower Shabelle. The trucks that were carrying charcoal were stopped at a checkpoint manned by al-Shabaab militia when they were shortly torched and burnt down crippling innocent businessmen.

This is an intimidation and the display of the consequences businessmen face for not paying taxes to al-Shabaab. The group has imposed an illegal form of taxation and it uses religion as an excuse.

The checkpoints are meant to mint money to nourish al-Shabaab’s leadership and it often goes to the pockets of individuals.

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