Al-Shabaab’s use of female suicide bombers shows desperation


Somalia has recently witnessed a dramatic uptick of female suicide bombers. In the past four weeks alone, al-Shabaab conducted two suicide attacks and both perpetrators were female.

One attack targeted a seemingly impregnable municipal building which housed the mayor of Mogadishu, claiming the lives of eight people, including Mayor Abdirahman Omar Osman, while the other attack was a failed attempt at a Somali army camp post.

As the militant group gloated from the ensuing public reactions of shock, fear, and surprise, the paradigm shift of seeking female suicide bombers to fill their ranks foretells the group’s increasing desperation.

Al-Shabaab’s first use of female suicide bombers was an assassination attempt against the Somali interior minister, Abdishakur Hassan, in 2011. Since then, the group has carried out two more suicide attacks using women in 2012 and 2015, killing 36 people.

Studies of women suicide bombers in other terrorist movements reveal that the use of female suicide bombers shows a long-term organisational decline. The deployment of women bombers by groups is frequently regarded as a last act of desperation.

One of the main reasons is the group’s growing frustration with its inability to get male suicide bombers past crucial checkpoints on their way to their intended targets. In their desperation to circumvent the heavily fortified government sites, the group has opted to use female suicide bombers.

Whoever pays al-Shabaab is equally guilty of the group’s heinous crimes, say scholars

Somali Islamic scholars have warned business and individuals to refrain from giving al-Shabaab illegal Zakat, adding that doing so is equivalent to taking part in the heinous crimes the group is committing against civilians.

Deputy leader of the Somali Islamic Association, Sheikh Noor Barud Gurhan, urged business owners to refuse giving illegal extortion money to the group and to obey orders from the murderous group.

According to the scholar, paying taxes to the blood-lust group is equivalent to taking part in the spilling of the blood of innocent civilians.

“Whoever pays al-Shabaab due to fear of reprisals from the group is breaking the moral code of Islam and will be judged by God on the day of judgement,” he said.

The organisations leader, Sheikh Bashir Ahmed Salat also urged radicalized youth to refrain from spilling blood of the innocent and urged them to repent.

95 new SNA cadets report for duty in Mogadishu


Ninety five (95) fresh cadets from the Somali National Army have begun reporting for duty in Mogadishu after a year-long training in Uganda. The officers were trained intensively on military strategies, leadership and specialised training to combat terrorism.

Meanwhile, dozens of fresh al-Shabaab recruits were reportedly killed after forces allied with the Somali National Army conducted an airstrike in Jamame town, Lower Shabelle. Witnesses in Jamame town have confirmed the decimation.

The recruits that were killed were attending graduation after receiving training in the region and are also believed to belong to a unit that carries out indiscriminate attacks and suicide bombings. Airstrikes, ground assaults and intelligence-steered operations have been decapitating the terror organization and it has lost swathes of territories it previously controlled.
Operations like this are continuing across Somalia and the group’s days are numbered.

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