Al-Shabaab wrangles intensify as a splinter group pledges allegiance to ISIS

The leader of the al-Shabaab militia based in the Galgala Mountains in Puntland region has pledged his allegiance to ISIS, a move that is likely to further split the already fractious and weakened al-Shabaab terror group.
In a brief audio message, Sheikh Abdulqadir Mumin said that he and his militia have officially joined ISIS and would from now own take their orders from ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who is based in Raqqa, Syria.
The current emir of the al-Shabaab Ahmed Umar (aka Abu Ubaidah) who is still aligned with al-Qaeda has reacted angrily to Sh. Mumin’s daring move. He has long been trying to crush internal dissent, but there is little he can do since Sh. Mumin and his militias are in a geographically distant place.