Granny killed by al-Shabaab for not paying extortion money

The murderous group al-Shabaab has recently killed a grandmother who stood her ground and refused to give up her livestock as part of the group's extortion money. Members of the blood-lust group had been calling the ailing grandmother of eight for several weeks but she disregarded them and she paid the ultimate price of death.

"This is the mujahideen. Will you pick our call? Yes or no," said one the messages that members of the blood-lust group sent  to her phone several weeks prior to her death. This latest victim is just a representation of the thousands that al-Shabaab kills every year for refusing to pay illegal taxes to the blood-sucking group.

Defectors have previously revealed how al-Shabaab is plundering starving communities of cash and livestock crippling them and shattering their hopes showing the severity of the group's rule and how inhumane it is. The same defectors have also revealed how aid money given directly by the United Nations to people displaced by conflict and famine is ending up in the hands of the blood-sucking group.

Former members of al-Shabaab said the terror group is extorting thousands of dollars per day through road blocks and taxes on vehicles attempting to transport food and supplies meant to help starving communities and internally displaced people in towns where they are concentrated. Even worse, the group targets innocent civilians in its killing spree across the country and then proudly announces it was behind such attacks showing how extended its lust for blood is.
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