Prominent scholar bashes al-Shabaab and its ideology

A Somali scholar has recently bashed and criticized the murderous group al-Shabaab’s religious ideology, alienating the group and terming it as a very dangerous group.

Sheikh Mohamed Abdi Umal, who is among the most prominent and influential Somali scholars, has appeared on Somalia’s national broadcaster, Somali National Television (SNTV), and talked about how such ideologies start and how dangerous they are.

He described several ways in which one can misinterpret the Islamic scripture according in a way that suits their monetary and political gains adding that the worst ideology is the one that spills innocent blood referring to al-Shabaab’s interpretation of Islam.

He then explained how the prophet (pbuh) warned Muslims on the emergence of such groups and how it is an obligation for every Muslim to fight such ideologies.

“The worst thing a person can do is to misinterpret the scripture and justify the spilling of the blood using the scripture. The Prophet (Pbuh) described such people as the worst among nations and that they should be fought and defeated by any means,” he said on SNTV.
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