Residents arrests two terrorists who killed police officer

The Somali National Police, with the help of residents of Wadajir district, has captured two members of the murderous group al-Shabaab who were responsible for the death of a local police officer.

The two were arrested after residents gave them up to the authorities after they were spotted fleeing the scene at which they killed the police officer.

Acting Banadir Provincial Commissioner, Ibrahim Omar Mahadale has thanked locals and the police. “Ali Abdullahi, the police officer that was killed by the terrorists, was a Somali police officer who was serving his community with integrity and according to Islamic teachings he will enter paradise because he was wrongfully killed. These two terrorists will face the law. As residents, you have a right to enjoy your lives and live in peace,” he said outside the police station.

He urged citizens to fight the terrorist group with all their efforts telling them not to allow few children who have been brainwashed by Al-Shabaab’s ideology to control their lives promising the murderous group will be defeated.
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