Al-Shaabab opts for clan politics to tackle armed rivals

Terror group al-Shabaab has started using clannism and tribalism to counter Maawisley, a rival armed group that consists of civilians who took up arms to resist al-Shabaab’s rule.

Following defeats in the battlefield, the group has forced some civilians to demonstrate and denounce maawisley falsely accusing them of belonging to one clan.

The civilians who took part in the demonstration were forced at gun point to denounce maawisley group and call them names.

This is a desperate attempt by the murderous group al-Shabaab to divide people along tribal lines in order to rule them with utmost control. The group is facing less political support and armed groups like maawisley are a threat to its existence.

It has been weakened both financially and militarily and it has resorted to intimidation and division to continue its cruelty against the Somali population.
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