How al-Shabaab recruits child soldiers


On the 12th of February 2019, the word has marked International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers, to shed light on the rising exploitation of children in armed conflicts.

In Somalia, child abductions are a common occurrence almost exclusively conducted by the blood-sucking murderous group al-Shabaab in order to forcibly recruit them as child soldiers.

In mid-January 2019, the group abducted more than 60 school-going children in El-garas in Bakool region in a desperate move to replenish its number of soldiers that continue to be decimated en-masse every day.

Throughout its history, al-Shabaab has threatened and abducted civilians to force communities to hand over their children for indoctrination and military training across Somalia.

Al-Shabab has ordered elders, teachers in Islamic religious schools, and communities in rural areas to provide hundreds of children as young as 8 or face attack, revealing how desperate the group has become after losing political support and a dwindling number of soldiers at its disposal.

After the children as young as 8 are abducted, they are put into indoctrination centers and are brainwashed into believing al-Shabaab’s wrong ideologies. The children are soon after used as suicide bombers in attacks against innocent civilians.

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