Al-Shabaab decimated as 85 members are killed in an operation

Somali Special Forces backed by allied troops have carried out a joint military offensive against the murderous terrorist group al-Shabaab, killing at least 85 militants during the operation.

The special forces raided an al-Shabaab hideout in Baladul Amin and Hanti Wadaag near Janalle town, some 91 km away from Somali capital Mogadishu.

The casualties could be much higher, according to security analysts, because al-Shabaab is known to hide its casualties by burying them in mass graves.Media reports indicate that 5 foreign Jihadists from Egypt, Tanzania and Mauritania fighting for the murderous group were among those who were killed in the operation.

Al-Shabaab has lost much of the territories it previously controlled thanks to continuous and relentless bombardments from the Somali National Army.It has resorted to kidnapping innocent school children to replenish the diminishing number of its fighters and recruit them as child soldiers.

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