Al-Shabaab takes pride in placing landmines in public roads

The terrorist and murderous group al-Shabaab is known for its indiscriminate attacks against unarmed civilians and the placing of landmines near schools and playgrounds without ever considering who will eventually be the victim of the mines.

The Somali security agencies have foiled several attempts by the blood-suckers to obliterate innocent civilians by placing land mines and IEDs near schools, other social amenities and in public roads.

In April this year, 7 innocent lives were lost after a landmine placed by the blood-sucking group al-Shabaab exploded on civilians and 5 others were injured in Bula Burte in Hiiran region. Those who lost their lives included a mother, four of her children and an Islamic education tutor.

An in November, security agencies retrieved a landmine placed by the inconsiderate group al-Shabaab in the road that connects Danane and Jilib Marko towns preventing what could have been a devastating attack on the innocent if it detonated. In the same month, another landmine placed in a busy market in Hodan District in Mogadishu aimed at obliterating innocent civilians was retrieved by security agencies.

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