Somali National Army (SNA) embarrasses al-Shabaab in an attack

Members of the murderous terror group al-Shabaab have recently raided the newly liberated town of Marka in Lower Shabelle region. Their efforts however bore no fruits as the Somali National Army had information prior to the attack and were better prepared to crush and decimate the blood suckers.  Three fighters of the militant group were killed following the attack.

Residents of the newly liberated town of Marka have willingly  provided information regarding the attack. A few members of the murderous group started to indiscriminately attack residential areas where civilians live in the middle of the night.Security officials told journalists that they were aware of the attack and have praised the Somali National Army on how they bravely defended the newly liberated town.

This attack comes a day after additional police from the supporting African Union countries were deployed to Marka to provide security to residents who are vulnerable to al-Shabaab’s meaningless attacks.Terror group al-Shabaab has been decimated in the last few years and has lost much of the territories it once controlled. It has now resolved to guerilla warfare tactics and targeting unarmed innocent civilians.

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