Several Al-Shabaab members arrested in security operations

The Somali National Army (SNA) together with its international allies are carrying major security operation across Somalia. In one of the operations carried out by SNA in Bardhere, Gedo region, officials have arrested several members of al-Shabaab’s amniyat wing known for carrying out killings of innocent civilians and some members of the group who are believed to be bomb makers.

In a similar security operation in marka town, SNA officials have also captured over 20 members of the terminable terror group. SNA got a helping hand from locals who know members of the group who shaved their beard to hide within the population. Security officials said the security situation in Marka is now under control thanking SNA and locals for jointly working together to uproot members of the blood-sucking group.

Locals expressed how happy they were to finally get rid of the terror group saying that they are free of the shackles of al-Shabaab. Mid of August, the Somali army dislodged Al-Shabaab fighters from Marka town following covert operations to secure the town. The forces killed several Al-Shabaab fighters in the attack, according to the commanders who led the operation.

Meanwhile, a Russian jihadist fighting for the Al-Shabaab militia group has been killed in a gun battle with Somali military forces in Lower Shabelle region.
In another incident, the U.S. military says it has carried out an airstrike in Somalia against Al-Shabaab extremists, killing three fighters.

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