Locals up in arms against al-Shabaab atrocities

Residents of Aden Yabal in Middle Shabelle Region are up in arms against the blood-sucking group al-Shabaab for the atrocities the group is committing against innocent civilians.

Several youths have willingly organized themselves to fight the group after the group has escalated its usual act of murdering, kidnapping innocent civilians and looting their rightfully earned wealth.  Some of the organizers of the uprising who spoke to journalists said they would not tolerate the constant harassments by the group and that they were ready to fight the group until it was uprooted from their territory.  

Government officials have confirmed the existence of the uprising and promised to deploy government forces to the region. The Somali National Army and its international allies have in the recent months strengthened the fight against al-Shabaab and have liberated several areas from the shackles of the blood-sucking group. The group is now desperate and has resorted to targeting innocent civilians who are unarmed.

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