Al-Shabaab members are getting decimated en masse

The blood-sucking group al-Shabaab has been decimated the last few weeks adding strain to its preexisting financial problems, internal wrangles among its top leadership and the general loss of morale among its members.

Last week, at least 87 members of the terminable group were killed in a single battle after the blood-suckers attempted to attack a military in Bar-Sanguni in lower Jubba. The able Somali Army and Jubbaland forces thwarted the attacks and killed 87 of the group’s members. Meanwhile, al-Shabaab fighters were forced to abandon their camps in Bay region after Somali soldiers conducted a raid aimed at eradicating the group off the country, according to Southwest officials.

In another incident, Somali soldiers have seized a deadly cache of weapons in Bardhere town from three cars bound for Al-Shabaab fighters in Gedo region. A military official, who spoke to the Somali military owned radio station, said Somali soldiers intercepted the vehicles suspected to have been ferrying weapons to Al-Shabaab, during an inspection at a security checkpoint in the outskirts of the town. According to the officials, several suspects have been arrested in connection with the confiscated weapons.
The Somali National Army (SNA) is relentlessly continuing to destroy al-Shabab militants and their networks in locations across the country and analysts predict the terminable group’s days are numbered.
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