Al-Shabaab facing major set-backs

Al-Shabaab has been weakened financially, militarily and politically in the past few years, according to security analysts that closely monitor Somalia’s security situation. In addition, residents who live in the small villages that al-Shabaab still controls are outright refusing to abide by its rules and extortions and waging war against the murderous group.

The group has lost a vast amount of territories it once controlled following the relentless bombardment and airstrikes by the Somali National Army and its international allies. Somali National Army (SNA) recaptured a village in the Lower Jubba region last week as the military intensified attacks against Al-Shabaab fighters in Southern Somalia. Heavy armed forces of Somalia National Army (SNA) have seized Bundada-Arare village without resistance from Al-Shabaab fighters. More than 200 al-Shabaab fighters are estimated to have been killed just this year. The murderous group has lost most of its political support too with clashes between its members and members of the Somali community on the rise.

It forcefully recruits children as young as seven and the elderly as old as 80 to replenish the dwindling numbers of its members. It abducts children from schools proving how desperate times must be for it to take such a desperate measure. Defections of high ranking al-Shabaab members to the Somali government and internal wrangles among top leaders have amplified this downfall. It is just a matter of time before fate completely wipes out the group from Somalia.
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