Al-Shabaab rapes 14 women between Baidoa and Mogadishu

The blood-sucking terror group al-Shabaab has raped at least 14 women in the last one week, according to reports and complaints filed by truck drivers and locals commuting the road between the capital Mogadishu and Baidoa town. Rape, looting and destruction of property has been reported by truck drivers along the road. The vehicle drivers along the road are still complaining of roadblocks that are controlled by al-Shabaab militia members.

The murderous group has been torturing and expelling the passengers on the road between Mogadishu-Baidoa, the drivers report. The impact of the harassment of al-Shabaab is increasing and reports suggest that 14 women were raped who were traveling on the road in the last one week. Passengers are robbed off their cash and occasionally accompanied by shots fired by trigger-happy al-Shabaab members causing damage, death and injuries. In a Security Conference recently held in Baidoa, it was agreed that troops to be deployed in the road to prevent the armed groups harming innocent passengers.
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