Al-Shabaab executes a woman in public

Terror group al-Shabaab has stoned a woman to death after its court sentenced her to the punishment. According to witnesses the woman was publicly executed in the Sablaale district of the lower Shabelle region.

Multiple residents, who declined to be named, expressed that this was a classic case of the group framing innocent people who they deem unsupportive to their ill-equipped agenda of ruling with an iron fist and using twisted interpretations of Islamic laws to punish them. According to locals, people were also forced to watch the execution after a member of the blood-sucking group announced the public execution event on a loudspeaker a day before it was carried out.

The blood suckers often make these executions public to instill fear among the residents and to prevent opposition to their rule and often forces the public to watch these gruesome acts.

The group has carried out executions, stoning to death, flagellations all done in public to people they term as ‘criminals’ who in most cases are later proven to be people who criticize them.

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