Al-Shabaab in fresh crises amid succession wrangles


Terror group al-Shabaab is in fresh crisis! The blood-sucking group has been plunged into chaos amid fears its leader Ahmed Umar, also known as Abu Ubeiydah, may die after prolonged illness. Umar's deputies, Mahad Karate, Ali Dhere and Maalim Osman, reportedly failed to agree on whom to replace him in the event that he dies.

Al-shabaab's leader Ahmed Umar, also known as Abu Ubeiydah, has reportedly been ailing for over six months. New reports have revealed that Umar has been ailing for the past six months. His deputies have become increasingly concerned about his deteriorating health, but they don't seem to agree on who should take over.

The militia group's executive council, called Shuraa, that was recently convened to discuss a succession plan reportedly ended badly after leaders sharply differed and threw barbs at each other over the replacement of the ailing Umar.The executive council is now split into two factions. The crisis has allegedly been worsened by shortage of cash-flow to facilitate the militia's operations. According to the militia, money was being channeled towards their leader's medication.

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