Al-Shabab rapes teen, steals fertilizers

The murderous terror group al-Shabaab has looted fertilizers from small scale farmers in Gedo region showing their cruelty towards innocent poor civilians. The farmers started preparing their farms for planting three weeks ago soon after the rainy season kicked in. They mainly engage in the cultivation of bananas, watermelons, onions, and tomatoes.

The fertilizers that the blood-suckers have looted were provided by humanitarian aid agencies to the farmers ahead of the rainy season to prepare them for a better farming output. However, a group of militants raided a village in Gedo region and demanded for the consignment. The supplies had been delivered to the farmers the previous week by the aid agencies. Kamal Abdi, a tomato farmer, reported that four armed militants raided his home in the morning while he was away at the farm.

He also said that members of the terror group subsequently repeatedly raped his teenage daughter who was home alone. The raping of that teenager is just a representation of the thousands of girls the group has raped and continues to rape in the small villages it still controls. Last year, a raid at  Boni Forest hideout used by Al Shabaab fighters has revealed a life of crime, sex, drug and alcohol use. Pornographic DVDs, condoms, several empty alcohol bottles and assorted drugs were among items found at the makeshift camp that the group vacated before security officers that were hunting down the group reached.
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