Cases of residents resisting Al-Shabab’s rule on the rise

The blood-sucking terror group Al-Shabab is well known for extorting money and resources from poor innocent civilians in the form of unlawful taxes. The group loots livestock and shops from residents of the small villages under their unlawful control. These ill developments have forced locals to resist these harsh rules and have decided to counter the militants’ unlawful ways of enriching themselves.

Clashes between the blood-sucking group and locals running legitimate businesses have become a common occurrence the last few months. Two weeks ago, residents of Buq-Goosaar near Beledweyne in Hiran region have decided to counter the illegitimacy of the group’s tax collection by fighting the group back where five members of the group were killed. Clashes have also recently erupted in villages around the town of Mahas in Hiran region after the blood-suckers tried to impose taxes on residents.

Dahir Muse Osoble who is a resident in Mahas said that government soldiers backing residents and cattle herders engaged in more than six hours of battle with the militants. Somali government officials in Mahas, confirmed the army had moved in to back up the cattle herders. "The pastoralists and habitants in these villages, who are already struggling economically after losing hundreds of livestock in the recent drought, dismissed the demand for taxes, leading to the fighting. And it is our job to defend our citizens from terrorists," said one government official. Multiple residents said at least 12 al-Shabaab militants were killed in the fighting.
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