Al-Shabaab’s Bay and Gedo leaders defect to Somali government

A senior al-Shabaab leader in Bay region has surrendered to the Somali government, according to media reports. Moalim Gedow Abukar, who until his surrender was the head of the group in Bay region, defected to the Somali government and denounced the blood-sucking group’s violence and decided to put down his weapon adding that he could not live with the heinous crimes the group was committing against the Somali community.

According to media reports his fall out with the terror group came after he had a disagreement with the group’s senior leadership over the undesirable and unnecessary attacks on the innocent Somali population. He will be among the vast number of high ranking leaders from Bay region who defected to the Somali government within a span of few months.

Mukhtar Robow, who was second in command and the official spokesperson for the blood-suckers, defected to the government late last year. He hails from Bay region and is currently leading forces who are countering the terror group. Local media also reported the defection of another high-ranking leader. Abdirahman Fiilow, the group’s head of operations in Gedo region has also defected to the Somali government.
The terror group’s members and their leaders are running from their hideouts and caves following the relentless bombardment of their bases and their hideouts by the Somali government and its international allies.  The blood-sucking group is opposed to any peaceful process for Somalia and its elimination is inevitable.

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