Al-shabaab militants free female aid workers after payment of ransom

Al-Shabaab militant group is in financial doldrums and is using every trick to stay relevant. The group abducted innocent aid workers including female humanitarian workers in Hiraan region of Central Somalia.

Humanitarian workers are known for sacrificing their lives to assist the drought stricken people in Somalia and action by the terror group to ask for colossal amount of money as ransom show the callous agenda of the group.

According to the father of one aid workers who spoke on condition of anonymity, the militant group has set three (3) women free after receiving a ransom payment of thirteen thousand dollars each from their families.

The humanitarian workers were working for a local NGO, Hello Trust and were kidnapped at Far Libah area in July by the terror group as they were delivering humanitarian assistance.

It is ironical that the Al-Shabaab terror group has been engaged in media blitz indicating that they are offering assistance to drought stricken Somali populace while on the other hand, they are kidnapping for ransom individuals offering humanitarian assistance to the drought hit residents in Somalia.
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